Q & A

“Is there anything I should do before my sugaring appointment?”

Yes, exfoliating 2 days prior to your appointment will ensure the best results.

“How long should my hair be for sugaring?”

Since hair growth cycles vary for each individual, giving a certain amount of time isn’t ideal, especially if you are starting sugaring.  Hair should be no shorter than the  length of a grain of rice.

“What things should I avoid 8 hours prior and 24 post sugaring hair removal?”

Things to avoid prior and up to 24 hours post services are working out, tanning, saunas, jacuzzi and intercourse. Washing the area with cool water, minus the body wash after the service.  It is best to keep the area as clean as possible.  Bringing a clean pair of panties to switch into after services is recommdended. Since sugaring give the skin an exfoliation wearing clean panties will ensure the skin remain cleans.

“How should I prepare for my eyelash extensions or lash lift?”

To insure the booked appointment time is utilized to give you the best results its best  and not waste time removing any eye make up . Its recommended to not wear any eye make up and mascara for 24 hours prior to your appointment.