All facials require a consultation to help better understand your skin goals. Skin analysis will be performed. Discuss individuals skin care concerns and skin goals. Discuss current skin care routine and products used.    A recommended skin care regime will be provided for home care use to prep the individuals skin for their next appointment.



Just the Basics – 60

A simple but effective beginners and maintenance facial. During this facial light extractions are performed along with a customized mask.

Brightening Facial – 75

A great way to remove dull, tired and lifeless skin.  Several combination of peels and enzymes along with a customized mask is used to achieve the ultimate, “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” effect.

OxyJet – 85

Provides enough oxygen and nutrition to the skin cell so as to delay aging of cell, making skin clear, healthy, and radiant. Also it gives skin scaling effect made of white oxygen bubbles then bubbles penetrates into skin, stimulating blood circulation and moisturizing in order to make skin tone bright.

V-Line – 90

This facial provides firming and lifting for the skin. For best results it is recommended to be done weekly for the first four weeks. (Series prices are available)

Microdermabrasion – 80

A pressurized jet with a diamond tip scours the surface of the skin removing and buffing away the layers of dead skin cells that may have accumulated over time with a customized mask .

Medi- Facial – 90

A combination of rejuvenating infusions, active powder blends and masks provide the exceptional results without compromising the health of the skin.  This treatment  is based on customized envelop the skin with concentrated  formulas to increase cellular turnover, heal, lighten and lift hyperpigmentation and impurities

Porcelain Peel- 90

Double action skin polishing was utilizing both AHA and physical exfoliating ingredients. Promotes skin regeneration, anti-aging, wrinkle reducing and helps smoothing followed with a customized mask.

The Works – 100

A small instrument is used to removed dead skin cells, pigmentation and vellus  hair.  A customized serum is applied to the skin followed with microneedling technology to help push and feed the skin for long lasting, visible results.

Medi-Infusion – 130

A treatment offering immediate and long term results with customized facial infusion powders and blends. Microneedling technology to enhance product absorption and drive active ingredients into the skin for optimal skin restoration.  The enhance treatment  stimulates circulation, softens fine lines, reduces scarring improves hydration levels and helps to control breakouts.


Kitty Peel – 70

A gentle yet effective peel to help remove and lighten pigmentation and scars.  Customized enzymes and peels are used to achieve the lightening  of the private area.  Ingrown hair removal treatment is followed with a gentle sweep of high frequency followed with a customized mask blend.
Basic Kitty – 55

Great introduction for first time clients and maintenance series.  Gentle exfoliation, ingrown hair removal, quick sweep of high frequency and customized mask is included.